Boost Your Fundraising!


Fundraising Tips

The first step is to set up your Participant Center where you can add your personal story and photos, send emails out to friends and family and track your fundraising progress.


Pro Tips

  1. Share on social media including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram is NUMBER ONE. 
  2. Tell your story. How does epilepsy affect you? Why are you participating in this event?
  3. JUST ASK. It will be hard at first. Then easy! Ask everyone to donate or join your team!
  4. Get creative with your team. Does someone have a corporate connection you can use? An event space for a fundraising party?
  5. Be the first person to donate to your team. Set the example for others!


Other Fun-raising Ideas

Come up with a weekly goal and compete with your teammates to reach it.

Bake sale or yard sale or any type of sale!

Approach your company: many will match your goal if you ask.

Work email: add the link to your participant center to your email signature.

Cut out epilepsy: ask your hair salon if they will donate all or part of the cost of each haircut.

Hold an auction or raffle: auction a prime parking spot at work!

Car wash

Themed party (possibly costumes) for your friends and ask for a small door donation

Spare change bottles: distribute empty bottles or jars to all of your co-workers, friends, and families and at the end of every week or two roll the coins for cash (or most credit unions have free coin counting machines)

Jeans day: larger businesses will frequently agree to letting you advertise your cause by the clock-in machine and they would pay a small fee for the opportunity to wear jeans all week (we did this at Hilton for a wounded warrior campaign)

Change your voicemail to advertise the event and ask for donations

Company/school newsletter

Have your kids do chores for neighbors for donations (mow their lawn, rake leaves, take out trash cans to curb, walk dogs, etc.)

Babysitting/house sitting/ pet sitting in exchange for a donation

Gym: ask the front desk/check-in desk at your gym if you can place a donation jar and flyers there

Host a scavenger hunt for the neighborhood kids or an adult version and charge a participation fee

Designated driver in exchange for a donation

Poker game for proceeds going to your team

Curse jar at the office

Wal-mart sunshine fund which will support an individual with proceeds



How to Raise 1,000 in 7 days

Day 1: Sponsor yourself for $50

Day 2: Ask 5 family members to contribute $20 each

Day 3: Ask 10 friends to contribute $20

Day 4: Ask 10 coworkers to donate $10

Day 5: Ask 10 neighbors to donate $10

Day 6: Ask 5 local business to sponsor you for $50

Day 7: Ask 10 Facebook friends to donate $20