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More Than A Conqueror

Most of you already know my daughter’s story, Abie was diagnosed with Epilepsy when she was 14 years old, she’s now 21.  On that day in September 2010, both our lives changed forever.  In Abie’s own words, here is just a part of her story:


“Initially I was scared and felt I had no one to turn to for guidance and understanding.  I felt so alone.  I cried out for God’s help but felt like He wasn’t listening.  I felt like other people do in tough situations…like I was being punished for something. 


One day alone in my room, while searching for answers, my favorite memory verse appeared -  Psalm 91:2 “He is my refuge and fortress my God in Him will I trust”.  This verse not only had an instant impact in my life but inspired me in everything I strive for today.  God was telling me that I could trust in Him and that I could to go to Him for understanding and guidance.  At that moment is when I knew my diagnosis of Epilepsy was not so bad.  It took some time for me to build up the courage to speak about my epilepsy, but having God’s guidance helped me to give those who have not found their voice, courage to speak up.


I’ve done many things over the years to help inspire others, to spread awareness and show that they are not alone in this battle.  Through this journey, I’ve met some incredible people that have encouraged me to speak louder and to be bolder.

What I want my peers to understand from this, is that God is always listening to you even if you don’t hear him speaking to you, He’s there and He’s listening to EVERY SINGLE WORD!!


Also, my 2nd point is that you should stand up for what is right in the world!  That goes for anything health issue, bullying, politics, ProLife, whatever God is guiding you towards, it’s for a reason and who knows where it might lead you or who you might meet.


One of my favorite sayings that I say all the time is “God gave me this life because He knew I was strong enough to live it!”  God knew my strength when I didn’t.  I came out stronger in the end more than I could ever have imagined.  I AM MORE THAN A CONQUEROR!!”


As you can read from Abie’s own words above, this is just part of her story.  She has successfully integrated epilepsy into her life without letting it define her.  As we both continually try to minimize epilepsy’s impact in her personal life, we both feel it’s our obligation to highlight its impact publically so that others can learn from her story as well as mine from the parent’s perspective. 


Like many medical conditions, one of the biggest dangers of epilepsy lies in the public’s lack of education about the disorder, which is something we all have the ability to change.


Please help us raise funds for Epilepsy Foundation of North Texas thru a new event being held in the DFW area for the first time….Sharon’s Ride.  All funds raised from this event stay in the North Texas area and provide so many services for those living with epilepsy like my daughter Abie:

  • Clinics providing medical assistance, diagnostic testing and consultation for those who are uninsured, along with prescription assistance, etc.

  • Tools and Resources to educate schools and personnel with seizure recognition and first aid.

  • Specialized week long camps, free of charge to the child/teen living with epilepsy.  Cost associated with sending a child to camp is $1,000 per child.  These camps such as Camp Spike N Wave, Camp Neuron, Kamp Kaleidoscope are fully staffed by volunteer medical specialists and their staff from various hospitals such as Cook Children’s in Fort Worth and Dallas Children’s Hospital.


For every $1 raised, 95 cents goes directly towards these services provided by the Epilepsy Foundation Texas.  Every donation, no matter how small is being put to good use, providing services for Texans struggling with the heartbreak of seizures. 


All donations are 503(c)(3)tax deductible. 


Every child diagnosed with Epilepsy deserves the opportunity to experience the transforming week of summer camp that thousands of children and teens have had over the years, including Abie.  They, along with their parents, can be free to let go of their diagnoses and for 1 week out of their whole year………..to Just be a Kid!!


Thank you.


Abie’s Biggest Advocate

Luann Simpson Thomas


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