San Diego Sharon's Ride 2020

Jake working at Scripps Aquarium
Jake working at Scripps Aquarium

Team Anaya/Hilkene

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This is our 21st year of fundraising for the EFSD.  It is hard to believe that Jake is going to be 24!! We fundraise every year for the EFSD in honor of Jake, who has dealt with intractable complex/simple partial seizures his whole life.  They have not been controlled by medication, diet or even brain surgery. 


We fundraise for this organization every year, to feel like we are doing something in a situation, where we often feel helpless.  We want to help support epilepsy research, educate people, help with the discrimination and misunderstanding that is associated with this condition and support families that live with the disorder.  


Jake is in his fourth year of community college and is studying psychology this semester.  He loves learning, playing sports, going to concerts, hanging out with friends and family and volunteering at the Humane Society and Scripps Aquarium. His passion is Marine Biology and he thoroughly enjoys his position as Discovery Lab/Aquarist Assistant at Scripps Aquarium, where he has volunteered for 7 years.  He always has such a positive attitude about life and does not let his disability stop him from achieving his goals. While we all worry for him, he lives in the moment; something we should all do more of!  He never ceases to amaze me.


As always, thank you for your continued support. 



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