San Diego Sharon's Ride 2020

Team Super Damian

Before Damian was even born, we knew how strong he was. Very early in gestation, he suffered from catastrophic bilateral strokes in utero. It's a miracle that he survived. When he was born, we were told it wasn't an "if" when it came to developing epilepsy, it was a "when". Our sweet Damian was diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 5 months old.
By the age of 2, Damian's seizures were considered intractable. He has been on more medication than I can count. He's been on the Ketogenic Diet, and he has suffered through courses of high dose steroids. He even had a VNS device placed in his chest with wires that run up his vagus nerve. All in failed attempts to get his debilitating seizures under control.
In August of 2018, Damian underwent a left functional Hemispherectomy. The entire left hemisphere of his brain was disconnected and his temporal lobe was removed. He was definitely not close to being an ideal candidate for this procedure due to him having bilateral brain damage, but we took a leap of faith.
After a lengthy and intense recovery, it was clear that we made the right decision. Although Damian isn't seizure free, the surgery greatly decreased the amount of seizures Damian experiences, and improved his quality of life.
This will be our 6th year participating in Sharon's Ride benefiting the Epilepsy Foundation of San Diego county. Our first time was in 2015, only 2 months after Damian was diagnosed. Our goal this year is $1,000. Please consider joining our team, or making a donation to help us reach our goal!

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